13 avril 2010

You can’t call it love

When you put your hand in my hair

You just think I don’t care

You can’t feel the thrill on my back

When you touch my skin.

But you can’t call it love

This is not the little thing that everybody call love

You know, the little thing you wrote in my hand

You made a kiss on my thumb

‘nd wrote

L on my first finger

O on the 2nd

V on the 3rd

E on the little one.

But you can’t call love what I feel for you.

‘Cause you never kiss my mouth

‘Cause you’re not jealous

When I watch men on the street.

‘Cause it’s stronger, it’s sweeter, it’s deeper than love

‘Cause you’re my father, my mother

You’re my brother, my sister

No, nobody can call it love

‘Cause you’re a woman

‘nd I’m a girl.

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